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This page.

Starting with ATM-ing

This contains some information on how you can start on your first telescope.

The Newtonian Design

This contains information on several aspects of the Newtonian design. It contains (hopefully biasfree) a lot of facts, formula's, speculations and hints about this type of telescope. This was in fact the reason this site came into existence. Thanks to: Michael Lindner and Nils Olof Carlin.

Features / Index

Here you can find a description of often used terms and abbreviations concerning (Newtonian) ATM-ing. It also contains background information and formula's on specific subjects. Surf over, and have a look.

My Telescopes

A description of my current and future telescopes. It describes the modifications I made on my Meade 10" Equatorial, and details of the plans for my (to be) planetary scope.


Here you can find how I like my books.


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The information provided on these pages is implicitly written for the Newtonian design, unless otherwise noted.

A word of caution: The information you'll find here is based on my understanding of the subject,.... which may be wrong !

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